Since my projects are scattered about, here I’ll collect a few of them.

Current projects

The world’s most comprehensive games database. I began working on this in October 2015.
Quoted Forsooth
A personal wiki/database. Presently of use mostly just to me.
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Broadly speaking, the purpose of this is to decode various file formats, in particular those associated with old games. It’s split into a number of smaller subprojects that use a common library, each typically supporting a single game.

The common library on which the other projects are based.
Read and write score files for Archery, a DOS game by Brian Blankenship.
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Extract the EGA tiles from the DOS game Dangerous Dave by John Romero.
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Read and edit Game Boy ROM headers.
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Read and write score and profile files for Kobo Deluxe, a game by David Olofson.

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Read and edit puzzles for the Game Boy game Mario’s Picross.
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Read score files and resources for Megapede, a game by Cheesy Software.
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Other projects

A script that takes monthly export files from 750 words and converts them for use with emacs org-mode.
A greasemonkey script that automatically populates the ‘maximum bid’ box on eBay with the minimum possible bid, to ease bidding and prevent errors.
A server-free memcached replacement. This mimics python-memcached (which has issues), so it should only be used in case compatibility with that library may be needed.
Mobygames Scripts
A collection of greasemonkey scripts for use on MobyGames.

Abandoned projects and miscellany

A python conversion of a simple letter-guessing game by Bob Albrecht and David H. Ahl. Part of an experiment to capture the way old type-in BASIC games encouraged users to edit them, by their mere accessibility.
An incomplete word construction game built on pygame.