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ffcollection update

Written by Tracy Poff in misc on Wed 21 September 2011. Tags: ffcollection,

Somehow, I didn’t have the source code for ffcollection under version control. No idea how I managed that, since it’s usually the first thing I do. Stranger still that I didn’t notice I wasn’t occasionally committing—I don’t use any kind of automatic committing tool, so I’m usually typing ‘hg commit’ after pretty much any little change. Version numbers are free, after all. Anyway, I remedied that, and made some more progress. I need to make some minor changes to the database schema, and the whole thing needs some serious refactoring, but it’s coming along pretty nicely. Certainly it’s useful for me. Now, if only I could make an interface that wasn’t horrible, I’d be pretty happy with things. Well, some day.

ffcollection progress

Written by Tracy Poff in misc on Wed 06 July 2011. Tags: ffcollection, python,

I mentioned previously that I was working on a fanfiction database. Well, time for an update: it’s in a functional state, though quite basic. I can feed it a FanFiction.Net ID and it will download the fanfic and put it in the database with some very basic metadata (author, ID, summary). Most recently, I’ve hacked together an HTTP server using http.server so that I can accept commands over HTTP. Currently, the only command it accepts is ‘add the fanfic at this URL’, and it just responds with a status page and a copy of the form to add the fic to favoritestracker. I really should use something a little more powerful than just http.server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler for this—I really ought to create a full-fledged web interface, instead of just a commands-over-http hack. But, for the moment, that’s what I’ve got.


Written by Tracy Poff in misc on Sat 18 June 2011. Tags: mercurial, python, 750-to-org, ffcollection,

I’ve neglected this blog, which I really shouldn’t have done. Well:

I must reiterate what I said in my last post: when adding tags, I should definitely specify the revision I want to tag, because I keep making stupid mistakes, tagging the wrong revisions.

That said, new project: 750-to-org. It’s just a little python script to convert my 750 Words exports into a suitable format for emacs org-mode. Nothing special, but I wanted it, so I figured I’d put it out there in case anyone else might have a use for it. I did learn a little more about datetime by doing it, too. I doubt I’ll ever remember the meanings of the tokens for strftime, but at least I know it exists, now. It’s much cleaner that the way I was going to produce the date strings.

I’ve got a python/sqlalchemy fanfiction database thing I’m making for my personal use, but it’s far from being in a fit state for public consumption. More on that later, perhaps.