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Written by Tracy Poff in misc on Sat 18 June 2011. Tags: mercurial, python, 750-to-org, ffcollection,

I’ve neglected this blog, which I really shouldn’t have done. Well:

I must reiterate what I said in my last post: when adding tags, I should definitely specify the revision I want to tag, because I keep making stupid mistakes, tagging the wrong revisions.

That said, new project: 750-to-org. It’s just a little python script to convert my 750 Words exports into a suitable format for emacs org-mode. Nothing special, but I wanted it, so I figured I’d put it out there in case anyone else might have a use for it. I did learn a little more about datetime by doing it, too. I doubt I’ll ever remember the meanings of the tokens for strftime, but at least I know it exists, now. It’s much cleaner that the way I was going to produce the date strings.

I’ve got a python/sqlalchemy fanfiction database thing I’m making for my personal use, but it’s far from being in a fit state for public consumption. More on that later, perhaps.

Wasted Revisions

Written by Tracy Poff in misc on Fri 27 August 2010. Tags: mercurial,

I just wasted half a dozen revisions trying to tag a release. Perhaps it’d be better to just always specify the revision you’re tagging, just to avoid that problem.