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Writing for Android

Written by Tracy Poff in misc on Mon 08 June 2015. Tags: kivy, android,

The last few days, I’ve been looking into writing apps for android. I found a framework, Kivy, that would let me write in python, which seemed like it’d be nice.

Results are mixed.

After some hours, I have indeed successfully created an android app. However, the process was painful and tedious and I remembered partway through how much I hate writing user interfaces, as I discovered that practically all of the coding time was spent on the UI. My lack of familiarity with the framework led to some truly awful code, which I’ve slowly been refactoring. A thousand lines it should not take for a simple database app.

On the plus side, the app does seem to be useful and serving its purpose, which is more than I can say for a lot of what I code, so… I’d call this a minor success.